Over the years a great number of requests, commonly known as special projects, have been submitted to us.
The skill and experience of our in-house and external collaborators means that we are able to produce specific, individual products for prominent clients, as per their specifications.
In accordance with the directions communicated by the architects and designers, the applications vary by shape and material and our dedication results in the maximum aesthetic and functional outcome, in full compliance with the regulations in force.

This practicle and strong impact solution permits the inclined connection with various level differences even the most notable and the possibilty of intermediate stops.

From the simplest application of one glass onto one wall to the realization of custom made design and materials, the panoramic lift in general is the lift in which the best creativity expression is used. The frame structure plays the role of the traditional shaft in concrete and can permits the closure  around the structure in a number of solutions in glass.



In restaurants, hotels or homes in towns where you want to make quick and direct passage between the floors for food and beverages or linen, the solution is the dumbwaiter, for various standard sizes and easy installation.